Friday, December 10, 2010

Katana And Jimny Jangkrik Modification

Fans certainly know the world offroad vehicle type jeep with the characteristic appearance of adventurers. In Jogja own club this kind of vehicle including the rarely encountered. One of the rather off-road adventurers heard is Jogjakarta Cricket Club, whose members include the field type of vehicle enthusiasts Suzuki Jimmy.

Cricket Sebuatan inherent in these vehicles due to a smaller size than the standard size jeep, and agility in all fields. The more hostile the terrain, the more a challenge that should be conquered by Jimmy this type jeep enthusiasts. Regional rocks, rivers, and hills is a place for experimentation.

Variety of experiences exploring a variety of terrain, that's one of the attractions of this community for its members. Modifications are also often become the main topic of conversation in every meeting of anggotannya, ranging from discussing the addition of accessories to jeep engine durability.

The members of Jogyakarta Cricket Club is indeed has often followed the competition off-road regional and national levels. But other than offroad, this club still enter the program as simple as touring the various regions and social events in the agenda. "The club is also often held baksos, like the earthquake in Yogyakarta yesterday, we helped distribute aid to areas that have not been able to pass a vehicle," said Marcus Hartana one board Jogjakarta Cricket Club

When touring or offroad, various natural panorama traversed the main attraction. "In every activity we offroad as much as possible through the places with interesting natural sights to see, so do not get bored, all refreshing," added Marcus Jimmy Cricket who has a car of this output in '81.

Seeking a new challenge is the terrain and its own preoccupation for members of this club. Because of the expertise and techniques in driving a vehicle in various fields should always be sharpened. In addition, the challenges that require teamwork and strengthen solidarity and cohesion among the members. No wonder, despite a membership of 62 people, Jogjakarta Cricket Club still can maintain kekompakannya.

The members of Jogjakarta Cricket Club is often gathered on Saturday night at their secretariat Jln. Monjali No: 69/71, phone 0274-625180. Club which was founded in 2001, exactly on June 11, this has also attended national jamborees Jimmy Cricket in 2007 in the city of Malang.

Jimny Jangkrik Blue

Jimny Jangkrik From back

Good Suzuki Katana Siera Modif

Brown Katana Modif

Green Katana Modifikasi

White Jimny

Mantap White Modif


Modif Off road

Same Offroad lumpur

Mantap Modif Tinggi

Bali Offroad

Gagah Modification

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